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Adaptive Intelligence
for Upstream Oil & Gas

The Business Case for Big Data in Oil & Gas is Hard to Ignore

The Industrial Internet of Things. Big Data. Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Beyond the buzzwords, there really is an unparalleled opportunity for first mover oil and gas companies to gain competitive advantage, by leveraging their data to transform industrial processes.

Terabytes of data-powered machine learning.
On your desktop.
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The GE Adaptix Real DataTrial, powered by Predix.

Connect all of your well data to optimize inputs and outputs through actionable insights, developed by machine learning software. In three easy steps.

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Steam IQ can answer questions around:

The power of machine learning.
The convenience of a desktop interface.

Adaptix has been designed to enable digitization of key well-site assets. You can input real data and manipulate it to gain actionable insights. Take a tour of the GE Adaptix solution here.

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Bringing predictive insights to oil and gas assets.

Machine Learning takes terabytes of existing, inexpensive data and turns it into deep knowledge with immense value.

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence: evolved from pattern recognition and cognitive learning. Algorithms can quickly adapt to new scenarios, learning from data to predict and optimize outcomes.

Adaptix is GE’s Adaptive Intelligence software for upstream oil and gas, utilizing Machine Learning, designed for the oil and gas industry’s specific needs.

How to prepare your data for a Live Demo

Attached is a sample data file that you can complete to have your data used in a live demonstration. It is important that the submissions are filled out according to the column titles.

IMPORTANT notes on completing the data format:

  1. The "Well Status" does not have to be written in terms of (Active, Suspended), anything is fine.
  2. As long as the units are consistent, units will not matter.
  3. Besides the main inputs and outputs, if there are columns missing, it is OK.
  4. It will be easiest if the production day is input in the following format: m/d/y -> 4,7,2014

If you are unable to create a file in the required format but provide an alternative data set, we will try to accommodate you.

Download Data Format

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The Adaptix Team


AI & Production Optimization Leader

Warren is part of GE’s Customer Innovation Centre here in Calgary, where he Leads Optimization and Automation Initiatives for GE Canada. His diverse background includes being a successful entrepreneur and business manager, implementation/management of engineering and manufacturing systems for international pump, automation/product development and flame/gas detection companies. In his career, Warren has been a key design engineer on projects for the Canadian Space Agency and Canadian Military, developing man-machine interfaces, robotic vehicles, control systems and more.

Warren is a Professional Engineer with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Computer Integrated Manufacturing from the University of Calgary.


Chief Innovation Officer, GE Canada

Gandeephan is the Chief Innovation Officer at GE Canada. He is based out of GE’s Customer Innovation Center in Calgary Alberta. Gandeephan and his team are focused on solving industry level challenges ranging from pipeline safety and methane emissions reduction to operational and capital cost optimization across industries. The Center collaborates very closely with industrial customers while leveraging GE’s global store of technology solutions along with technology provided by local small and medium sized enterprises. To further foster the innovation ecosystem, the GE Customer Innovation Center also houses a business accelerator (Zone Startup Calgary) that helps technology startups navigate the commercialization stage in their growth journey. Gandeephan leads a team of domain experts, software engineers, data scientists and programmers to execute GE Canada’s digital industrial innovation agenda.

Gandeephan holds a Master of Business Administration from The University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from The University of Waterloo. He is a Professional Engineer with 15 years of experience in Manufacturing, Innovation and Product Launches.


Reservoir Engineering

Haniff is professional Reservoir Engineer who holds a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as a MSc degree in Petroleum Engineering.

Following university, he began his career in the oil and gas industry as a Reservoir Engineer on various offshore projects with BP Trinidad and Tobago. He moved to Canada to work on the oil sands projects with BP Canada and applied his knowledge and experience in heat transfer and thermodynamics to assist in creating tools and techniques to improve the understanding of SAGD performance. At present, Haniff currently works for GE Global as a Reservoir Engineer on the Production Optimization Team.

Haniff’s technical expertise includes:

  • Reservoir Simulation and Analytical Modelling
  • Reservoir Management
  • Resources/Reserves Estimation and Reporting
  • Economic Analysis, Project Development and Long-Term Planning
  • PVT Sampling and Modelling
  • Production Optimization via well-work

Additionally, Haniff also has a strong track record of optimizing project performance and economics and is passionate about coaching, mentoring and knowledge-sharing.


Predix Back-End Developer

GE Digital Sr. Software Engineer / Architect with 20 years of professional development experience. He is primarily focused on designing and implementing GE Predix 2.0 cloud-based software solutions for a variety of businesses within GE. While his contributions are mainly technical, Patrick enjoys working in a variety of different areas and with a multitude of stakeholders. From internal GE business professionals in sales and marketing to industry leading customers, Patrick aims to deliver reliable, scalable, and robust cloud-based solutions.


UX Designer | Front-End Developer | Predix

Trent Gillham is a Software Engineer for GE Digital focusing on user experience and front end development. He has a degree in Bachelors of Science specializing in computer science from the University of New Orleans.

He has been with GE for three years and has worked in the financial arm of GE, led mobile projects, and also developed two Predix solutions for the GE Customer Innovation Center in Calgary. He has also assisted several startups within the GE Innovation Center bring their solutions onto the Predix platform.

When not developing software solutions for GE, he is often developing software solutions of his own and trying to solve problems in the consumer and social spaces.


Machine Learning and Optimization

Robert is a partner in White Whale Analytics, which is a start-up company specializing in machine learning and abstract problem solving. He completed his undergraduate degree in physics and continued research in spintronic quantum information transfer, which was then published in Physics Review A.

After his work in physics, Robert co-created White Whale Analytics with friend and fellow physicist Peter Guo. The company now serves a wide variety of industries including insurance, oil & gas, health & wellness and professional sports.

Robert’s specialty skills include:

  • Mathematics and Physics
  • Graph and number theory
  • Design and creation of high fidelity machine learning and AI
  • Image processing
  • Blackjack and Chess

Personally, Robert loves nature, music & film, comedy and diving deep into any problem. He has a special interest in Fermat’s Last Theorem and considers that to be his most valuable and interesting work.


Machine Learning Expert

Padma Polash Paul received the B.Sc. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh, in 2006, the M.Phil. degree in Computer Science from the City University of Hong Kong in 2010. He has authored over 70 international journal and conference papers. Padma Polash Paul joined as a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology, Bangladesh in 2007. He taught there for a year and started the higher education. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Calgary, AB, Canada. He is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Oxford Computational Neuroscience (OxCNL) at the University of Oxford. He has also received the Fellowship at the Brain Science Foundation, USA. He has over 12 years of teaching and research experience. He has taught several courses from Introduction to Computer Science to Advance Machine learning for graduate and undergraduate students at Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology, University of Calgary and Mount Royal University. His research interest includes Big Data Mining/ Brain Big Data Mining, Computational Neuroscience, Biometric Information Security, Privacy Preserve Computing, Digital Signal Processing, Robotics, Bio-Sensor/Sensor Data Processing, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition. Currently, he is working on several projects on Accessing Brain with MIT, US DOD, US-Navy, Intel, and Qualcomm.


Machine Learning and Software Developer

Peter began his career building macroeconomic models for the Federal economic development agency. His passion to understand the natural and the social world led him to pursue data science with his friend and fellow physicist Robert Mereau. Peter leads White Whale Analytics as the Head of Algorithms and a Partner. The firm specializes in machine learning and abstract problem solving for clients in insurance, oil & gas, health & wellness and professional sports.
Peter received Loran Scholarship, the country's most prestigious independent undergraduate merit award. He has a diversified education in physics, economics, and history. He attended McGill, HKU, and Harvard. Peter believes the world works better when people and technology work together.


Software Developer, UX and Web Interfaces

Ashish has degree in Bachelor of Computer Science from Thompson Rivers University. He has immense experience in Web development, his focus was always UI design and development. As a matter of fact, he has done numerous projects for small businesses to give them online presence and branding, to help them creating an amazing user experience. He believes in Mobile first design and he understand how this world is growing its’ mobile technology. He has gained his working experience while working in different sectors and industries like food, technology, innovation and aviation. He loves to attend and listen to creative seminars and keep himself up-to-date in terms of what's new technology in the market and how it's going to impact the online world.


Engineer – Production Optimization

Subhayan brings 8 years of experience in field operations, industrial R&D, process engineering and project management. He has bachelors in chemical engineering and masters in Mechanical Engineering.

Subhayan has extensive experience in process operations, and production engineering. He has been involved with erection, procurement and construction projects. He is presently working as a business solutions architect for GE’s Adaptive Intelligence Program.


Commercial Leader

Jenna describes herself as an artistic engineer with an entrepreneurial mindset - shaking people’s thinking and discovering new possibilities is a method she continually applies in her career as an engineer and ceramic artist. Being passionately curious drives her desire to discover cultures and create new perspectives. Sparked and intrigued by exploring the globe, she has traveled to 29 countries to embrace and understand international cultures. She has found new ways to learn, absorb, and apply theoretical concepts in practical ways to achieve high academic performance. Professionally, curiosity inspires her to be innovative, challenge the status quo, and share fresh perspectives in any environment.

Working on Senior Management teams, she has proven her leadership ability to drive results while diligently managing multiple strategies, decisions, and plan. Through an innovative mindset, she develops solutions from multiple perspectives and achieves integrative thinking across internal and external stakeholders.

As the Digital Commercial Leader for the GE Customer Innovation Centre, Jenna drives commercial transformation and market awareness of the current CIC portfolio. Her persistence in driving commercial outcomes is visible through her effective collaborations with partners and customers.

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